The Ukranians IT Army is enlisting YOU

Anyone can do this with zero investment and minimal technical abilities.

DISCLOSURE I provide this information for educational purposes only. It is technically illegal to engage in cyber warfare or DDoS attacks.

The IT army can be followed on Telegram.  This is THE app to follow what's going on in Ukraine in near real time. It is where the official feeds from Zalenskiy and RADA are posted. It is also available in Russia.

They have a project to flood various Russian online assets to cause disruption in RU and to Putin's war effort.  The more people involved the more effective. Many systems already taken down. This is covered in the ATTACK page but this page is to outline a simple, cheap way to accomplish this with a spare cell phone with WiFi access.

Many people purchase new phones and toss the older model in a drawer somewhere to gather dust.  Put it to work!

  1. Remove any SIM cards.
  2. Factory Reset
  3. From PlayStore/Apple Store download and install TOR Browser
  4. Plug into charger, leave plugged in
  5. Launch TOR and navigate to ( not https )
  6. Look for latest links on page, click to start and accept
  7. Have a coffee...your now helping Ukraine take down Russian cyber targets.
  8. Got more phones! Run more phones.
  9. Tell your friends. Share on social media