Want to personally attack Russia?

Of course you do. Here's how.


Everyone has heard of cyber warfare. Almost everyone knows of the hacker group Anonymous.

But did you know that Ukraine has a cyber warfare command too?

You can directly help them attack Russia via the internet.

How effective is a DDoS attack and what is it?

FYI.  I am not a hacker or programmer. I cannot assist with any of the following as I lack such knowledge. I am using this platfom to share access to information.

NOTE:  Since participating in such cyber attacks is illegal, never do so even for Ukraine without a VPN for your own protection.
I really cannot imagine Putin filing complaints tho!

What you need is a simple program. It is available here.

You should really have a VPN installed and running using any country  EXCEPT DO NOT USE ANY UKRAINIAN VPN   locations!
Be sure you use a VPN as otherwise you could run a fowl of your own ISP's terms of service and find yourself disconnected.

When you have the correct program for your PC just click to start. The rest is automatic.

Here are the instructions

Here is another source. Activate VPN before clicking links in this Telegram channel

For the more technically proficient I suggest you visit this site.

This is a web based tool to help. No software to install. Run with VPN or in TOR.

Here is more info on aiding in the cyber attack on Russia in Ukrainian and English language.

Additional sites for info on helping. ( other than donations )

 TOOLS: Be sure to use VPN, TOR or Proxies to disguise your own IP address. Info Here

Assorted tools and information

TIPS & Suggestions:

Don't use anything GOOGLE you can avoid. Use duckduckgo for search, Firefox or equivelent browser but not IE, Edge etc.

You can add proxys and VPN directly as browser extensions but be aware those only protect what you access via that browser. It will not protect email clients outside of your browser. You need an actual VPN running on computer to do that.

Some browser suggestions to consider. Also for most mobile devices